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Here are some things our customers have told us:


G'day Christine,

I've attached a photo,  of the Amphibian Microlight (Cygnet) I recently imported from America. I've been very busy trying to get all the paperwork in order to get it legal and registered here in Australia as it is the first of this type here. It has just passed an inspection and I am getting close now and hope to soon have it operating in my flying school. 

Many thanks with your help this end in getting the container through customs and delivered to our airfield at Strathalbyn.
Larry :)
Adelaide Airsports 

brett anderson aviation tn  

I have always found that C&H Freight is a company that is on the ball, with complete follow up and the professionalism that I expect from a company handling my aircraft imports.
From day one, I felt like I was dealing with friends who are there to help.
Excellent service!

Anderson Aviation Pty Ltd


Hi Christine,
Thank You for your very professional handling of the shipment. May you have many more, and we will certainly recommend your firm to any other airplane importers that we come across.

regards Bruce Thomas


Hi Christine,
I got it!!!!! 
Safely in the hanger at Watts Bridge. 
Thanks for the patient and all the support. 
I will probably have it flying in a few months time, so when you are in Brisbane again and feel like going for a spin around the Glasshouse mountains let me know and I will gladly take you.
JJ Gertenbach


Good Morning Ladies,
Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help with my box of bits. Your professionalism and assistance has been fantastic during the process and I appreciate all you have done to assist me with a smooth and simple transaction.

Sincere regards,
Darren Barnfield


Hi Shelly and Christine,
I just wanted to say thanks for all your help! The pick up all went ok... the people at WSI were very helpful, especially Will.
Once again thanks for your great service... it's all very nerve wracking importing a container, but it all turned out really well!

Peter Krauss


Hi Christine, just a quick email to thank you for the quick and efficient shipping of my goods from Kansas to BNE.
The cartons were picked up from Aircraft Packers last Fri by Richers Transport and delivered to my Bundaberg address.
Cartons arrived all in good order.
Many thanks for all your help.

Kind Regards
Mike Kilsby
Kununurra WA


Hi Christine
As requested I have attached a few pics of the LOAD. She is sporting Canada rego.
All the best and thank you for your much appreciated guidance and professional service.
Ta muchly
David Ecc 


Thanks for all you and your teams help with this convoluted import.
I am grateful for all your dedication amd expert help.
Best Wishes


I have used C&H on a number of occasions to ship my RV7A kits and associated parts. I have always found them to be very helpful and competitive.
Frankly, anyone describing them as fly by night is talking out of his arse.

Further this is the ideal place for companies offering relevant services to discuss them with the group.

My views FWIW

     Dear Christine

The money is on the way to your account.

Again thank you very much for your splendid job and flexibility.

It would be great to give you a joyride in the glider sometime.

I sure will recommend you to others with need for import.

 Kind regards